#ROOTSTOUR does Toronto!

And it's a wrap for our second stop for the #ROOTSTOUR, Roots: A Journey Through India! 

All the posts, messages, and calls of congratulations are making me feel so loved, but I wanted to take this time to acknowledge the VILLAGE it took to put this show together. I could absolutely not have done this without the support and help of these people:

My parents - Without you, our show would have started and ended in Fredericton. Thank you for nurturing and supporting my art all these years, and for always believing in my work.  

Infuzion Artisty (@infuzionartistry) - My partners in crime for this show! Thank you for your dedication and passion, and for always stepping up when I needed it. This is just the start of a long partnership together. Deepta - thank you for creating with me. I had forgotten how great the process can be with another creative. Pamesha - thank you for your amazing work ethic and your incredibly admirable selfless personality. 

Mathan Thava - Owner of Aizen Academy who let us take over his studio every Sunday morning. Mathan does what he does because he truly believes in artists and our work. Thank you so much for all your support - seeing you every Sunday has made you part of our Roots family!

Afsha Virani - I met Afsha working on the Jubilee Games for Dubai this past July. She took our designs (meticulously sketched out by Deepta) and turned them into the most beautiful costumes. Afsha is the kind of designer that never takes shortcuts, despite a huge time crunch, and for that work ethic, I know this is just the beginning of a long working relationship and friendship. 

Ken Fong (@kensbighead) - My amazing photographer who never fails to go above and beyond. You are so wildly talented, and I'm so lucky I had you to capture this show!

Safira Halani (@safirahalani) & Team - My amazing videographer, who always just intuitively knows exactly what I want/how to capture it. So grateful to have you in my life!

Jasmine Virani (@beautybyjasminev) - For making my cast (boys included) look FLAWLESS! Thank you for being so enthusiastic about working on this show - it made me so happy! Your work was excellent.

The Toronto & Fredericton audiences, Fredericton Playhouse theatre/Indo-Canadian association, and AKM staff  - Some of you came as our family, but you all left as part of our family. Thank you for your cheers, for laughing with us, crying with us, and going on this adventure with us.

Last (but most CERTAINLY not least), my cast: You guys are the stars of this show. Know that everything you put into this show and all the work you did, did not go unnoticed. Roots isn't my show - it's ours. To 2017 - a year of more for the #ROOTSTOUR!