Bollyshakers Spread #WeDreamWeRise with Girl Rising India

I'm so excited to share my participation in this campaign with you guys! I teamed up with the fiercest female influencers of Bollyshake for Girl Rising India. We all shared our dreams as Part 1 of this campaign...part 2 coming soon :)

Check it out here

"I have a belief that we are measured by the impact we have on others. I dream of working in a world where we don't tear each other down as a s result of our own insecurities and feelings of being threatened by the perception of a limited number of opportunities, but where we act like a community, a collective, and build each other up. As one of the pioneers of the online Bollywood dance movement, I've seen the growth of the community and know the potential we have to start a real change in the way society looks at Bollywood dance. We have the potential to create the opportunities that are now lacking - but we have to do it together."