ROOTS - a journey through india

Experience the richness and beauty of Indian culture with a dance extravaganza by Toronto-based Bollywood fusion company DancewithSL. Roots: A Journey through India explores Indian heritage and stories through dance - from the mystique of the Hindu deities to the vibrant colours and energy of modern Bollywood styles, from the Mughal Empire's love stories to modern day Punjab. This narrated production has both multi-generational, and multicultural appeal and is not to be missed!

Tour Dates:
Fredericton, NB: October 29, 2016
Toronto, ON: November 19, 2016
Brampton, ON: February 18, 2017

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The Directors

Shereen ladha - Dancewithsl

A dancer, choreographer, and instructor trained in Bollywood, classical Indian, hip hop, contemporary and jazz, Shereen is the director and principal choreographer of 'Roots.' She brings years of performance and industry experience to curate the story of 'Roots' - which she believes to be an eclectic take on a look at Indian culture. 

deepta banik - infuzion artistry

Co-founder and creative director of Infuzion Artistry, Deepta created his company with the intention of inspiring others to pursue their artistic passions. Deepta is also a designer, with a focus on Bollywood costuming and modern retail high end fashion. He joins 'Roots' as a choreographer and principal dancer hoping to inspire through his art.