Jubilee Games 2016 in Dubai!

I'm back in Toronto after 2.5 weeks in Dubai, and had a long 14 hour flight to reflect on my experience with the 2016 Jubilee Games. I was blessed with the opportunity to serve as the creative director and choreographer for the Opening Ceremonies (Diversity Dance), Closing Ceremonies (South Asian Performance), and an epic Salim Sulaiman Flashmob! This was absolutely the most trying experience of my life, but also by far the most fulfilling thing I've been able to do with my dance experience thusfar. 

Thank you, first, to my amazing team of dancers. Thank you for turning my vision into reality, thank you for your heart and your passion, thank you for bearing with me through 14 hour rehearsals, and thank you for being so hungry to learn. I hope you were able to learn even a little bit from me in comparison to what I learned from you. Welcome to the dancewithSL fam <3 

Secondly, thank you to the amazing team behind OC/CC - logistics, costumes, tech, hair & makeup. Thank you for your incredible dedication to my pieces even though you had so many others to work on!

Lastly, thank you to everyone who woke up at all hours to watch this around the world. All your messages meant so much to me.

Till 2020,