So excited and proud to announce that I am part of the Ford Canada #MoreForAll campaign with posters all over Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver! Ford used social influencers for this campaign (which is awesome in itself) - each representing a different value that Ford stands for. My value is discovery - discovery in my process, in learning to create and innovate, and in building relationships with all of you! This whole YouTube Bollywood dance thing has been a major discovery process for me. I've learned so much about myself in the last year, and have built the most amazing relationships with you guys! I'm so happy that you continue to be inspired and learn from my channel. 

The campaign message is something I truly believe in - the idea that we should all be more, do more, and expect more. When my parents first came to Canada, the South Asian community was small and massively underrepresented. I don't think my parents ever pictured the day that they would walk down the streets and see a South Asian person on billboards, let alone their own daughter. I myself never thought that Bollywood dance would take me to the places it did. It's a proud and special moment for my family, and hopefully the community (and Bollywood dancers everywhere) as well! Thank you Ford Canada for letting me be a part of this!

If you see these around your city, take a picture with it and tag me on Instagram/Twitter and use the hashtag #MoreForAll