Ken Fong is a Toronto-based photographer who specializes in lifestyle and editorial photography. Through this series, he captures the creative process of an artist - ranging from initial idea conception to final execution. The purpose of his editorial piece is to understand the workings and emotions of an artist at each stage of the creation process. His first two instalments in his series on Shereen Ladha are shown below.

The Coffee Shop

I always start and end my process in coffee shops. Even when I was in school, coffee shops were my go-to place to just GET STUFF DONE - something about the perfect amount of background noise, wooden furniture, chalkboard walls....and obviously copious amounts of coffee. The actual idea generation always comes to me at random times - when I'm in the shower, or driving, or listening to some music in my room - inspiration comes from everywhere. I find when I actually sit down and get my initial ideas down on paper, I can develop them further. In this photo series, you'll see my initial drawings for what I wanted one of my projects to be, and see a peek of how it actually turned out!

Costume Shopping

No Bollywood performance is ever complete without the right costume! Costuming is so integral in Indian film culture and often lends itself to elaborating the choreography. A personal favourite piece of mine to wear is a huge skirt (ghagras) that make every move and turn look exaggerated and beautiful. This part of the process is only fun when you're working with great people to help make your visions come to life. A special thank you to Chandan Fashions for making that happen! Check them out here.